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Lenore: Music

Summer Dancing(2002)

Summer Dancing (We Were Lovers)

The Smokin' Song

Humorous look at the agony of trying to quit smoking.


Title says it all.

Crowded Sidewalks

Inspired by the loneliness of a writer who thinks too much.

My God

A vote for spirituality instead of religion.

I'll Tell on You

This song was inspired by the many sexual abuse victims who have had the courage to come forward.

Singer of the Night

Mystical, spiritual look at the power of singers and their songs.

The Man

Inspired by my dilemma - do I stay a solo performer or get a band.

Wastin' Time

What if we only had one day left?


A song about letting go. (I had to have at least one song inspired by The Raven).

Reach Out to Me

My song of love.

Just a Baby

A political song about the insanity of war and religion (teach your children well).


Fun look at the joys of hittin' the highway.