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Reviews of Summer Dancing (2002)

"...lyrics bring a new and added dimension to folk music...this is independent music as it should be."
"This second release by Lenore more than lives up to the promise of the first one -- snappy lyrics, tight playing, nice tunes, and a great voice. Well worth a place on your playlist."

"She deals with everything from quitting smoking, religion, love, war etc; always with that big smile... her happy take on life will rub off on you. The thirteen songs are all well crafted and make "Summer Dancing" a very coherent and consistent CD. If you're in the mood for some warm singer/songwriter rock from a story telling lady, this one's for you!"

"Features her fun-loving, smoky vocals and some excellent writing."

"Whitby Ontario native Lenore continues to build on her reputation as a singer/songwriter with her second release, "Summer Dancing". Much in the same vein as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, it is the songs themselves that shine on this disc. Well written and well produced, Summer Dancing offers a very pleasant mix of songs that range in sound and scope from light folk to blues, and even a little rock thrown in. Yet, despite the variety of styles, the disc as a whole flows along nicely and none of the tunes seems the slightest bit out of place. Very catchy...."