Happy New Year

I must start updating here more often!!  First off, many many thanks to all the radio dj's who are spinning the CD, I couldn't be more grateful.  The CD made the top 30 charts at both CFRC (Queen's) and CFUV (Victoria) and is showing up on US radio playlists now.

In other news I'm so excited to be attending the Int'l Folk Alliance Conference in Montreal, Quebec from Feb. 13th-17th, it's promising to be an amazing time.  I go to these events as much to hear all the incredible non-stop music as I do to promote my own.  I haven't been to one in a very long while so I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with some very old and dear friends from when I used to go to the U.S. all the time....I'll have lots of CD copies available for radio etc. too.

Stay warm in this frigid air!  The title song of the CD, 'Every Once In A While' is about the weather :)


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